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Co-operative Car Insurance

The Co-operative group is a consumer cooperative which was formed in 1844 and has a diverse range of retail businesses. The Co-operative group is owned and run by its 8 million memebers and is the UK's fifth largest food retailer. The Co-operative runs a number of services including 450 travel agencies, 800 funeral homes, legal services and the Co-operative Banking Group which is made up of Co-operative Insurance and Co-operative Bank. Co-operative Insurance covers car, home, van, pet, life and health.

The Co-operative offer 70% discount for drivers with five years or more no claims bonus. The Co-operative offer detailed information on their website showing their full breakdown of discount depending on the amount of no claims bonus you have which is listed below:

  • 1 Year NCB - 50%
  • 2 Year NCB - 60%
  • 3 Year NCB - 65%
  • 4 Year NCB - 67%
  • 5 Year NCB - 70%
  • 6 Year NCB - 72%
  • 7 Year NCB - 73%
  • 8 Year NCB - 74%
  • 9 Year NCB - 75%

Customers who are entitled to 70% no claims bonus also have the opportunity to protect their discount. This guarantees a discount of at least 70% at the next renewal date provided that there have been no more than two claims in the preceding three years, including claims with a previous insurer. Three claims will result in the Protected Discount Scheme being withdrawn at renewal. Four or more claims will also result in a reduction of No Claim Discount.

Named drivers can also earn their own no claims bonus up to a maximum of three years once they have turned 19 years old but which cannot be transferred to another insurance comapny.

Co-operative car insurance covers the replacement of keys and locks if your keys are stolen, providing they were not left in the car while it was unoccupied. You also recieve 8 days of full EU cover if you want to take your car abroad. There are also optional extras available such as courtesy car, legal protection, extended EU cover and enhanced courtesy car.

Car Insurance Quote:
03457 46 46 46
Car Insurance Claim
0345 999 8888
Single Car Insurance Claim:
0844 543 4400 or call 68407 from a mobile (15p per minute)
Breakdown Assistance:
0800 092 9069
24hr Windscreen or glass claim:
0800 587 6887/


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