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Swinton Car Insurance

Swinton was founded in 1957 in Salford by Ken Scowcroft at a time when car insurance was normally purchased from a salesman at your door. By comparing the prices of various insurance companies, Swinton were able to offer their customers the best value. The first high street store was opened in 1964 and by 1987 they had 220 branches nationwide and had become a household name. In 1991 the Swinton brand was sold to Sun Alliance and by 2012 was pat of the Covéa Insurance group. Today, Swinton offer a huge range of products ranging from car and home insurance through to caravan and life cover.

Swinton offer car insurance for a range of different types of cars. This includes standard insurance, classi car cover, imported car insurace, performance cars and even minibus insurance. Until 31/01/15 Swinton are even offering £50 cashback if you switch to them from your current insurer. Most customers will receive up to 20% discount if they purchase a policy online. You'll also receieve a courtesy car as standard with comprehensive policies.

Swinton also pride themselves on offering insurance to both young drivers and convicted drivers and have a specialist team that will assess your circumsances and find the best cover available for you. Optional extras also include legal protection, breakdown cover and windscreen cover.

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