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Direct Line Home Insurance

Launched as the UK's first telephone insurer in 1985, the company's distinctive logo of a red telephone on wheels emphasised what it was all about. The telephone has since gained a partner, in the form of a wheeled mouse, to reflect the increase in online buying. When it was launched in 1985, Direct Line was completely owned by the Royal Bank of Scotland (RBS) Group. In 2012 the company was floated on the Stock Market where during the IPO, RBS sold a 30% share of the business. In 2013 RBS sold off a further 37% and is now expected to sell the remaineder of the company during 2014.

To this this day you can only take out a policy with Direct Line by contacting them directly as they do not appear on comparison web-sites. This hasn't stopped them from accumulating over 10 Million customers in the UK, Germany and Italy. One of the main attractions of Direct Line are their UK based call centres in Birmingham, Bristol, Glasgow, Leeds and Manchester.

Direct Line offer three levels of home insurance; Standard Home Insurance, Home Insurance Plus and Home Select Premier, with each offering varying levels of cover and optional extras. The main items to consider are the building and contents cover. With the standard insurance, buildings are covered up to £1m, with the Plus and Select packaged offing unlimited cover. The contents cover follows a similar pattern. Standard cover is up to £50k, Plus cover up to £100k and Select cover £100k+. There are a number of standard optional extras such as personal possesions, bicycle cover, accidental damage plus many more. Currently Direct Line are offering a 30% discount when taking out a combined buildings and contents package, plus an additional 205 if the policy is taken out online!

  • Standard Home Insurance
  • Home Insurance Plus
  • Select Premier Insurance
  • Minimum of £1m buildings cover
  • Contents cover from £50k minimum
  • Accidental Damage
  • Bicycle Cover
  • Family Legal Protection
  • Annual Travel Insurance Option
  • Online Discount
Discuss an existing Home Policy:
0845 246 8709
Home Insurance Claim:
0845 246 8710
Select Home Insurance Claim:
0800 533 5201


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