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SunLife Direct Over 50 Insurance

SunLife Direct can trace its history back to 1810 when their first office was opened in London. In 1900 they became the first company to offer life insurance without the need for a medical, a policy they still believe in today. SunLife Direct began offering dedicated Over 50 L;ife Insurance policies in 1979, and today the 'Guaranteed Over 50 Plan' is the nation's most popular choice for over 50s, with over 863,000 policyholders. Today SunLife Direct is owened by AXA Group who aquired the company in 1996

In view of its size and position, SunLife Direct offers an extensive range of products including life insurance for both over and under 50s, funeral planning, ISA's and will writing.

SunLife Directs over 50 life insurance can be taken out by anyone between the ages of 50-85 with no need for a medical to qualify. In the event of your death, a fixed lump sum will be paid to your loves ones provided you have held the policy for two years. If you die during the first two years of your policy, SunLife Direct will pay out all the premiums paid to that point, plus half as much again unless you were to die in an accident when they would pay out the full cash sum.

SunLife Direct policies start from just £4 a month, which is the lowest premium in the UK for this type of policy. The firsts months premium is free, and they guarantee never to increase the payment or change the amount of cover, although the longer you hold the policy the less it will be worth with inflation. You need to make sure you’re happy with your monthly premium amount as it is payable for life and if you stop paying for your plan it will end and you won’t get anything back.

  • Guaranteed acceptance if you’re aged 50 to 85.
  • Premiums are guaranteed never to rise
  • No medical or health checks required
  • Premiums start from £4 a month

At the time of writing, SunLife Direct are offering Free funeral benefit option with £250 towards the cost of the funeral. On top of this they are also offering a free gift with every policy taken out. The gifts include a Pocket Camcorder, 20" LED TV, 7" Tablet or a £75 gift voucher for either Amazon, M&S or Argos.

Over 50 Life Insurance:
0800 904 7674
Over 50 Life Insurance Claim:
08458 35 36 37


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