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Endsleigh Student Insurance

Endsleigh was formed in 1965 by the Natioanl Union of Students in an attempt to negotiate preferential insurance rates for students. Since that time Endsleigh has grown to become the number 1 insurance provider for students, graduates and young professionals. They are the only insurance provider recommended by the NUS to this day and offer a huge range of products including car, travel and gadget insurance as well as home insurance including contents cover for shares housing.

Endsleigh is now fully owned by Zurich Insurance and the group consists of several parts including Endsleigh Insurance, Endsleigh Financial (EFIT) and Endsleigh Business (EBIS. Endsleigh Financial offers free financial advice for people seeking mortgages, pensions or life assurance polices, and Endsleigh Business offers businesses and companies professional insurance coverage. Endsleigh claims to have over 500,000 customers.

One of Endsleighs most popular products is Student Contents Insurance. Young people between the ages of 18-24 are three times more likely to be the victim of theft than any other age group and so its wise to protect possesions while studying away from home at university. Endsleigh offer some excellent extras to standard contents insurance such as covering your posessions while you are transporting them to and from university as well as the option of flexible payment so you do not get stuck with a large one off payment.

  • Cover while transporting possesions
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Vacation cover up to 60 days
  • Cover for damage to fixtures and fittings in your student property
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