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Saga Travel Insurance

Saga was founded in 1951 in the seaside town of Folkestone by Sidney de Haan. Saga began life as a small hotel offering affordable off-peak holidays exclusively to retired people. Saga grew rapidly and by the 1960's it had added many other UK destinations as well as becoming a pioneer in the Algrave tourism industry. By the 1970's Saga had expanded into Spain, Romania and Yugoslavia and was now the UK's largest rail customer by offering chartered trains around the country. In the 1980's Saga began offering insurance and finacial services specifically designed to their customers. They also began operating Saga cruises and during the 1990's began operating their own ship, the Saga Rose. It was during this period when Saga lowered the age restriction for customers from 60 to 50.

During the 2000's and backed by private equity firm Charterhouse, Saga was partially bought by its staff (20%). At the same time it was merged with the AA for form Acrosmas Holdings which is now approx 20% owned by staff, 35% Charterhouse, 20% Permira, 20% CVC and 5% others. On Friday, May 23 2014, the Saga Group was successfully floated on the London Stock Exchange as a Public Company, and therefore changed its name to Saga PLC. Saga continue to offer a wide range of insurance products including car, home, travel, caravan, van, pet, private medical, life insurance, motorhome and legal services.

Saga offer Defaqto Five Star rated travel insurance and you could save up to 10% by purchasing a policy online. Saga can offer travel insurance even if you have a pre-existing condition and automatically covers you for over 40 popular leisure activities, with optional protection for golf, scuba-diving and winter sports. You can also insure family and friends of any age, even if they travel without you. Saga offer 24 hour medical assistance and will cover your costs for medical treatment, rescue services to the hospital and csot of getting home to the UK if you cannot use your standard return ticket. Single trip policies cover you for up to 90 days or with their annual multi-trip insurance you are covered for up to 45 days for each holiday up to a total of 120 days.

  • Up to £10 million emergency medical cover
  • Up to £2,500 for lost, stolen or damaged baggage
  • 24 hour English-speaking travel assistance helpline for advice before and whilst you are away
  • Up to 40 leisure activites a standard
  • No upper age limit
Travel Insurance Quote:
0800 015 0757
Travel Insurance Renewal:
0800 904 7764
Medical Assistance
0845 300 3555


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